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Purpose is about making a difference in  the lives of people


Cole Crush

 His versatility, creativity and the ability to read the room & rock any type of crowd separates him from the rest.


DJ ultra violet

Splashing on to the scene in a big way, DJ Ultra Violet is a Bronx based DJ Dominicana spinning styles from Prince to Dembow.


djavan guy

Djavan Guy blends ethereal, afrocentric and soulful vibrations, his music aims to empower and promote self expression.



From the south to the north to New York City, he is a dancer at heart. His sound focuses on Latin American rhythms with dancing as the mission.



He's your favorite DJ and you didn’t even know it. For the drunks and the dreamers. 




From Bogotá, and living in Astoria, Queens, Mixtiiii is the co-director and music programmer at


madame vacile

A top selector who has no other intention than to make you dance, Madame Vacile is an amazing artist brining only the best energy.

Wavy Bagels

Wavy Bagels

Bagels for Dagels, get 'em while they're hot. Wavy Bagels is a Producer & DJ with a track record that speaks for itself, bound to get you grooving.


Juliana Meow

Juliana MEOW is an open format DJ based in Harlem, New York City. Running up the tunes that move the room.


flwr shrk

Proud resident of the BX, some of FLWRSHRK's favorite genres to play include house, techno,

club (Jersey, B-More, Philly), footwork, and hip-hop.

Yana Allpa

Yana Allpa

One of the founders of Cuchara De Palo, Yana is a premier DJ focused on rhythms infused and inspired by Andean & Peruvian sounds.

APT 9 Recordings

Apt 9

Apt-9 is a Collective + Label Based in New York City comprised of Johnny Panga,

 Joshua Pendergrass & Illustrious


adrian is hungry

Founder of Kuzumbo records, he has a passion for creating Tropical inspired music & apparel, and a platform for artists of future-nostalgia tunes.

Dada Coz

Dada coz

She tantalizes & shifts perspectives with her music & gaze. The Mistress of Ceremonies for the @afuegoparty


FKa jazz

FKAjazz channels multiple aspects of Black-American Music into a highly personal approach as a composer, musician, producer and DJ.


A. Sarr

Nicaraguan born, Queens bred
Taurus sun & Scorpio moon
Let A. Sarr help you love yourself. ❤️


Valentin Lamar

Multi-genre DJ and Music Producer blending elements of electronic, jazz, soul, funk, and hip hop.


dj flora

Etheral & versatile DJ Flora is a "sound girl" from New York

sure to get heads nodding and folks dancing. 

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